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Third Edition of the Value Chain Forum for Cardboard Packaging

The Spanish Association of Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers (ASPACK) will gather packaging manufacturers, service providers and final customers on October, the 26th at the Third Edition of the Value Chain Forum of Cardboard Packaging.

The event will take place at the Hotel H10 Cubik in Barcelona and will be focused on new consumer trends that impact all types of industries and in which product packaging plays a leading role as an element that influences purchasing decisions.

The Third Edition of the Value Chain Cardboard Forum will begin with the presentation of the report prepared by the international consulting firm "Euromonitor" 'Top 10 global consumer trends in 2017' , by Ricard Balart, member of the Management Board of ASPACK and general director of the company "Gaez".

The conclusions of this report will be analyzed afterwards in a debate table with the participation of Santiago Olivares , responsible of Nestlé Engineering and Packaging Service Antonio Martín , Director of Quality and Technical Director at "Sanofi"; and Barbara Mendoza , Director of Loewe Perfume Operations.

The third part of the meeting will focus on the presentation of success stories : projects in which different service providers have partnered with their clients in order to meet the new needs of final consumers. Among the speakers on this panel will be Ángel Pérez , Director of Communication and Marketing of H"eidelberg", Miquel Olivé , Business Manager Labels & Packaging at "HP" and Jennifer Ruiz , Head of Production at "Troqueles Troqueles".

Last, the day will end with the reflection on the transformation of Spanish society in recent years and growing efforts to care for the environment . The person in charge of presenting these aspects will be Miguel Morán , Director of the Market Cardboard for Spain and Portugal in "APP". In his speech 'Tell me what packaging you use and I'll tell you who you are: new consumer habits and opportunities for the cardboard market' , will talk about innovative solutions that help companies to meet consumer demands, looking for recyclable and biodegradable products.

In this third edition, the Value Chain Forum for Cardboard Packaging has been renewed in order to become a much more participative and open meeting for both associates and non-partners of ASPACK.

Among its main objectives, in addition to analyzing the influence that the changes in consumer habits are having in the value chain of the cardboard packaging sector, is to show the interdependence between all the actors in the chain and learn from the experiences of each party. Thus, it will be a space in which the participating companies will no longer see themselves as competitors, to become allies working together for the future of the cardboard packaging sector.

If you are interested in registering online, you can do it here.

Source: Alimarket


Spain consolidates as the fourth country in the production of corrugated cardboard in Europe

In 2016 4.952 millions of square metres of this material were created, a 4% more than last year. Only Germany, Italy and France overdue Spain in production. The average in the consumption of cardboard per inhabitant is 57,26 kg. The sector employs more than 22.000 workers in our country.

Spain has consolidated as the fourth country in the production of corrugated cardboard in Europe , only behind Germany, Italy and France. In 2016, our country produced 4.952 millions of square metres of this material, a 4,06% more than last year. As a whole , the figure raises up to 2.951.000 tons of paper consumed in 2016, according to the sectorial report of the Spanish Assocation of Makers of Packaging of Corrugated Carboard (AFCO).

The total billing of the sector, direct as well as indirect, reached last year 4.476 millions of euros with 71 companies and 89 factories of this material in all the Spanish geography. These employed in 2016, counting direct and indirect job positions, more than 22.750 workers. In Europe, the figure of direct positions raised up to 100.000.

"One more year, the corrugated cardboard industry in Spain has been reinforced by some figures that show the preference of the consumer by a material respectful with the environment , healthier, that stretches out the fresh product life and that optimizes the storage, logistics and transport. Because of that, this sector is contributing in Spain significantly to the economic growth, to the creation of local jobs and to the sustainable development. It offers to society the alternative of light packaging that is made from sustainable sources and that once used es 100% recyclable and biodegradable", states Leopoldo Santorromán, president of AFCO.

The main consumption of corrugated cardboard in Spain corresponded in 2016 to the agricultural products sector, with a 23,2%, followed by the food products sector (16,5%), drinks (15%) and transformation of corrugated cardboard (11,4%). With a minor percentage there are sectors like audio, electronics and automotion (8,7%), industrial products (7%) or chemical products and perfume stores(5%).

The average of consumption of corrugated cardboard per inhabitant related to these sectors was 57,26 kg of cardboard in 2016.

Growth forecast

The international Association ICCA (International Corrugated Case Association) forecasts for 2018 a worldwide corrugated cardboard production of 246.970 millons of square metres. The 52,42% would be located in the Asia/Pacific region, followed by Europe with a 21,97%, North America with a 17,15%, South and Central America with a 5,61% and 2,85% the rest of the world.

Cardboard preference by consumers

A recent survey made by AFCO and by Feedback Sociological Survey Strategy has located corrgated cardboard as the package that enjoys the best international reputation between the Spanish people. The barometer, titled "Packages: perception of the society", places this material as the most sustainable with a 76,7% compared to plastic, whith a 10,7%. Besides, regarding fruits and vegetables, the 70,5% of the people surveyed prefer one-use boxes that can be recycled, such as paper and cardboard, because, in their opinion, are the most hygienic.

Source: AFCO.

The coated cardboard packaging sector keeps its recovery on

The coated cardboard packaging industry, which experienced a fall, continues to recover slowly but surely.This is what ASPACK has revealed in its 2016 activity report.


Table of the new recovery on paper and cardboard

The New Recovery Bureau is a platform open to all companies of the paper and cardboard sectors for recycling that wanto to contribute to the definition and development of new strategies and projects for the future of recovery and the recycling in Spain


ASPAPEL delivered the Blue Bow Tie Prizes to some councils for their excellence in the collection of paper and cardboard

The Spanish Association of Pulp, Paper and Cadboard (ASPAPEL) delivered the Blue Bow Tie Prizes to twenty-nine local entities (councils and goups of municipalities) of twelve autonomous regions in acknowledgement for the excellence of their management of the paper and cardboard selective collection in the first edition of Blue Bow Ties - Your Paper 21- Municipalities of ASPAPEL.


Spain, to recycling

The sales reduction of conventional paper in recent years with the loss of jobs in the sector has led to deindustrialization in Europe and Spain. Recently, PwC´s estimates assure that European industry would invest 140.000 million for the digitization of the industry between 2016 and 2020.


Be creative this summer with cardboard and entertain your kids

Imagination up! You only need a cardboard box and a bit of creativity (some ideas borrowed from the Internet) to give your kids one of the best toys to spend hours this Summer. Cardboard boxes are versatile, Canvas in white where you can come true any crazy idea that comes to you your mind.


Why cardboard is better for fruits and vegetables.

An interesting and relevant definition of pool is defined on the website “Economía 48”, which defines it as "the voluntary group of companies which, while retaining its own legal personality, carries out a common trade policy, in order to restrict competition and increase profits."


What do we think about paper?

What does the consumer actually think about paper and other paper products? Beyond common places and urban myths, surveys are those who give a voice to the citizen and spread his/her opinion. Because in order to know what people thinks, the best way is asking.


Oristand: An alternative cardboard to tables to work on your feet

Cardboard is on fashion -otherwise look at Google and its Cardboard- and also tables to work on your feet, although lately it seems that the phenomenon is not such anymore. Now, a group of entrepeneurs wants to offer a cheap and original alternative.

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